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Logicon have supplied systems and automation expertise to clients in different sectors in Ireland and internationally.

We have specialised in Food and Beverage and Dairy where there is an increasing awareness of the importance of good documentation systems. We have implemented Pharmaceutical Systems, supplying systems to GAMP standard, and also supply supplied systems to Utilities and our standard modular software is appreciated by clients who wish to improve from the non-modular standard.

We enjoy working closely with client engineers and the continuous improvement in software and engineering practices that results in satisfying different sector requirements.

Food and Beverage

We have implemented systems in many wet process systems

Food Processing
Sauce and Concentrate Storage and Handling, Sugar Dissolving
Bottled Water Storage and Bottling Lines
Yeast Handling, Fermentation, Storage, Bright Beer, Bottling, Canning
Milk Intake, Evaporators and Dryers, Whey Crystallisation, Cheese Production

We have implemented many CIP systems in various plants.



We have implemented systems in Pharmaceutical sector

Purified Water


Bulk Tank Areas

All systems have been implemented using cGMP standards.

We have provided FDS, SDS, FAT, SAT, IQ and OQ documentation and validated the systems thoroughly for clients.


Non Food Production

We have provided installations and services for 

Production of Chemicals and Industrial Agents.

Systems include recipe management, historical data and reporting.

We bring the discipline of GAMP to these projects.



We have upgraded and modified and installed control systems for

Boilers, Chillers, and Refrigeration Plants


Conveying and Sortation

We have programmed systems for Line Control in Food Production and Breweries and large scale sortation systems, using PLC and Scada control and intensive C# (Visual Studio) applications.

In order to implement these systems we build fast acting messaging systems and develop interaction with labellers, scanners, sorters and other line equipment.

We have programmed and have experience of working with end of line systems:

Shrink Wrappers, Palletisers, Pack Turners and High Speed Packaging machines.


Energy Management

We have installed large energy management systems with full Load Shedding and Reconnection management, as well as providing full Scada and Reporting facilities for large utility providers.