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We have developed partnerships with Consulting and Engineering companies in order to enhance solutions provided to clients.

We enjoy working closely with client engineers and the continuous improvement in software and engineering practices that results in satisfying different sector requirements.



With its headquarters in southern Germany, CPME is a design, engineering and project management company delivering innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.


Specializing in the turnkey provision of technically advanced and engineered solutions for the provision of process systems required in the production of a range of medicines including:
• Vaccines
• Antibiotics
• Injectables, Infusions
• Oral preparations, solid dosage and suspensions
General use drugs, creams and lotions


With offices currently in Germany, Beijing, Moscow and Hong Kong, CPME is uniquely positioned to leverage its wealth of predominantly European based expert knowledge along with an extensive network of trusted partners, in order to provide cost-effective solutions regionally and globally.

The background of the engineering resources of CPME does not directly originate from the pharmaceutical sector but from the dairy, drinks & food markets. This brings a broad range of experience to the company now balanced along with many further years of experience in the pharma and bio-tech sectors.

Furthermore, CPME offers in depth knowledge in topics such as construction, utility and electrical services, automation and control systems, building and infrastructure, clean room design and many more related subjects.