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Accord is our framework method for fast secure implementation of control systems. Since 2008 we have used Accord technology to provide PLC and Scada software solutions for many applications, with built-in reporting, and documentation features. Accord is a modular automation framework which assists our automation engineers to deliver their systems quickly and reliably.  It provides an object method for generation of many aspects of a control system and then a method of implementing in the PLC without coding. Process Design and Test documents can be automatically generated. Accord is fully based on Microsoft Windows, .Net and SQL. The automatically generated Process and Operations documentation is provided to MS Office. In 2016 we have released Accord with new facilities for Partial Downloads for faster commissioning, and new functionality for system Emulation, Batch and Recipe Management and a Replay mode in the HMI. The Accord Platform site contains full documentation, starter templates and licencing functions.

..Platform for Engineering, Simulation and HMI

Use Accord Builder to design the control strategy using Equipment and Procedure configuration. Design and Test documents (FDS, SDS,IQ, FAT can be automatically generated. The process model configuration is imported into Accord Server and model configuration data is downloaded to a  controller (PLC). Security, Logging, Redundancy, Audit, Recipe and other functions are configured for management by Accord Server. The Accord PLC library loaded in the PLC will automatically implement the configured model.

Accord HMI provides a graphical editor for configurable controls which link to the PLC data to perform required functions without any coding or scripting. Accord HMI Replay mode allows Historical operation to be graphically viewed on the HMI/Scada.

…Instant Operations Management after Process setup

The following modules allow users to manage the installed systems without any additional engineering

Accord Reports queries logged system data to tabular reports for any logged data.

Accord Recipe allows easy setup of multiple recipes for programs, providing changeable Setpoints and start Decisions, and the unique function of configurable Step Order for each program.

Accord Plan is used for scheduling of Programs, with multiple Plans and Automatic Reporting built-in



Accord is suitable for systems in regulated industries as the control system may be considered as closed and suitable for cGMP systems. In addition the built-in security means systems are 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Accord Builder is good for providing clear systems and for training for process engineering. Design and Test documentation produced is accurate to the model. Additionally, Accord Server provides 21CFR Part11 compliance through automatic logging of all events and full configurable audit trail facilities.

We find that the configuration aspects mean that systems generated using Accord take much less time for engineering and commissioning than using standard PLC coding and HMI scripting.



Accord offers large time savings in PLC, HMI and MES implementation,

The Process Model is clear and easy to generate and understand

FDS and Design and Test documentation is automatically generated

There is no PLC coding required – coding implementation of the Model is automatic,

The HMI is built using objects and our built-in data service, without any HMI Tagging

Recipes, Plans and Reports can be easily setup using simple selections,

Your process can be fully simulated on PC prior to loading to controller,


Accord is very easy to maintain and modify

Process changes are easy; simply change the process model and use the Partial Download,

New process equipment devices or program items are automatically available for HMI and MES modules,

Full audit trails are automatically kept for all changes,