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Industrial Systems and Services

We provide solutions and services to manufacturing, engineering and utility companies in many sectors.

We have completed over 200 projects for many clients in Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Dairy, Water and have also provided many systems for machine control, high speed processing lines, conveying and sortation. With many systems installed, our team has developed a strong focus on quality both in our programming standards and client documentation, building systems that are flexible and secure, with an emphasis on fault tolerance and system recovery.

We have focused on supplying powerful Scada solutions, and have built a reputation for competitively delivering secure reliable systems. We specialise in development of systems using PLC’s, Scada and HMI, and also develop specialised database applications for control and information services.

Accord Platform

With our focus on developing high quality software solutions for our clients we have developed the Accord Platform which both streamlines our development process and provides many benefits for clients.

Accord systems are implemented using an object oriented method, allowing full implementation using configuration. Accord allows us to configure entire systems quickly and accurately without requiring PLC coding, HMI tagging or scripting. Additionally Accord generates our Process Design and Test documentation automatically.

Accord systems may be tested and simulated on PC prior to implementation on PLC.

Accord contains fully featured functionality for Data Logging and Security, including full Audit Trails, giving us 21CFR Part11 compliance for the system. We also implement Recipe, Planning and Reporting functionality automatically within Accord.

Accord is fully based on Microsoft Windows, .Net and SQL. The automatically generated Process and Operations documentation is provided to MS Office.

Please see the Accord summary page or the full Accord site, including downloads, templates and support material is Accord-Platform.com

Accord is designed to be the easiest method for implementing Process Automation Systems. Is is suitable for Pilot Plants, as well as full Production, CIP and Utilities systems. Accord allows process engineers to implement and test a full HMI and MES system directly from a Model and the PLC editor is only required hardware configuration and Accord PLC Library transfer. Please contact us if you wish to know more…

Reference Installations

Over 20 years Logicon have installed many automation systems across a wide variety of industries and platforms. The following are a small sample of our projects and installations…

PLC HMI and Scada Installations;

Installation Summary – Large Cheese Plant

Installation Summary – Ready Meal Packaging Lines

Installation Summary – Ready Meal Preperation Process

Installation Summary – RoastHouse

Accord Installations;

Installation Summary – Industrial Blending

Installation Summary – 2 Milk Dryers

Installation Summary – Chemical Reactor